Our Mission

The mission of Lisa Ball Travel Design is to create wonderful custom travel experiences for groups and individuals where every detail is thoughtfully planned and executed.

In addition, Lisa’s trips are a known value and cost-efficient for her travelers. Through extensive research and fostering great business relationships, Lisa personally negotiates all vendor services using net rates, resulting in significant savings for her travelers compared to other travel companies. Lisa Ball Travel Design (LBTD) additionally creates communities by connecting people together. Lisa believes she is a “connecting agent” – people share fantastic travel experiences together during her trips and from then on, they are connected to each other! Furthermore, another hallmark of Lisa’s trips is her complimentary pre-trip information meetings filled with travel-savvy tips, history snapshots of the tour destinations and fun movie nights showing travel videos and movies set in the featured locations.

No matter what your travel needs may be, we have the expertise to assist you.  Please take a moment and learn what LBTD has to offer!

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