Meet Lisa Ball

About Lisa Ball

About Lisa Ball


Lisa spent her childhood growing up on a farm outside Maryville, Missouri.  To young adulthood, Lisa was always a good student; she played various musical instruments and devoured books which fostered her love of other countries, cultures and history.  Lisa always knew someday she would travel widely.  Her love of travel was actually inspired by a TV game show!  She watched The Price Is Right as a child and every time a contestant won a big trip in the “showcase showdown” she would dream about going to those same destinations.  Lisa set a goal back then she would visit the great capital cities of Europe: London, Paris, Rome and more!  After earning a journalism/business/marketing degree from Northwest Missouri State University, Lisa embarked on a career in advertising following a brief stint as a television reporter for KQTV in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Lisa held media sales and advertising agency positions in Iowa and South Dakota before she came to Kansas City, Missouri in 1990.

After working in various positions including P.R. and Journalism, Lisa turned her side hobby of developing church tours into her full-time passion of making people’s travel dreams reality.

Lisa believes everyone should have the opportunity to travel.  She works very hard to make travel accessible and affordable for everyone.  A combination of Lisa’s talent and personal history have created at one of a kind passion for travel and making others happy that shows through in every aspect of her business.

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